Building Campaign

Today, our project consists of two phases:

  1. Remodeling (currently underway) the existing Sanctuary, classrooms and offices to include:
    • Lighting, Painting, Sanctuary ProjectionCarpet, Windows, Roofing
    • New Playground Structure
  2. Additional Church improvements will include:
    • Additional Parking, New HVAC, Church entry structure, Upgraded Children’s and office space, Additional storage, and fire safety sprinkler system
    • Adding 3800 square feet of new Student Ministries space
      • To includes a large multi-purpose room, a mezzanine likely dedicated to Youth Ministries, new restrooms, showers, and storage

The Lord has already provided several cost-saving measures, including a huge discount from the city on connecting to sewer (completed), and the city requiring frontage improvements on 116th St (completed) The current price tag for our project is $1,400,000 and we believe God will provide!   While we expect this figure to be mitigated by cost savings and volunteer labor, we are proceeding as if this will be the final cost. So far, the Lord has greatly blessed the building project, with over $550,000 ! Please join us in praising God for his provision. To do: We ask each of you to pray;  Please pray for all those involved in the project – the building committee, Church board, architect, builder, and City of Redmond.  Pray for ongoing wisdom and unity.  And please continue to pray for the finances.  

Please continue to be sensitive to how God is blessing each of us and what He is asking each of us to do. 

Status of Projects:


  • New Playground, January
  • New Sanctuary carpet, January

Recently completed

  • New interior cost saving LED lighting throughout the Church, December
  • Center projection in Sanctuary – new projector and wall screen, December
  • New and updated color palate, throughout the Church, December
  • Roof repaired, October
  • Sanctuary ceiling repaired, October
  • All Church – ceilings repaired & textured, November
  • Church abatement project, September

Earlier this year:

  • Entry way lights repaired
  • Parking lot lights repaired
  • New Worship Platform
  • Sound system upgraded, with new digital sound board and additional speaker; gained sanctuary space
  • Church electrical load testing complete, resulting in electrical service upgrade not being required
  • City of Redmond permits secured