Our Story

We are a Presence centered people seeking after revival through worship, prayer, and ministry. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead now lives in us. We want this power to be a part of all aspects of our church as we seek revival. God’s house is a place where all people can connect and experience His goodness, His healing, and His freedom on a regular basis.

Revive Church is an incredible place where God’s Presence is our number one priority.  We are a house of prayer and worship whose values were rearranged when the leadership encountered a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.  Revive’s leadership was directed to seek first the Kingdom of God and never change the message.

Rather than playing church we are called to be the church and  re-present Jesus Christ in purity and in power.  Our corporate cry in prayer follows Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6 –‘On earth as it is in heaven’.  We are believing and praying for revival which means that God’s Kingdom is establishing itself fully in us and through us, while touching every part of God’s creation.

We are a Kingdom church and believe we are only a part of the body and bride of Christ.  We seek to establish Kingdom relationships that build up unity in the entire church body.  We are connected to the larger body of Christ through the Global Legacy network.  We are rooted in holiness and are blessed to be a part of the Nazarene Church which emphasizes the righteous life empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Revive’s purpose is to Pursue His Presence in everything we do.