I just had to OFFICIALLY share how much the LORD HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I was trapped in a life full of drugs, alcohol, lies and everything in between for years. I was able to get “some” help for the substances a few years ago, but still felt like something was missing. I felt the urge to move to Seattle of summer 2016. I got to Redmond in October, and the first few weeks I fell back into old patterns. My house mates (Howie and Amy) suggested Revive, so I went with them on 11-27-16. I tried to blend in, but the Lord had other plans. I heard the message about Jesus and the Be-attitudes. I was so captivated. Following the service, I stayed planted in my seat, still trying to blend in. Then the Holy Spirit took over, and pastor Todd came up to me, not knowing anything about me or my story and said the words he heard the Lord telling him about me. I heard Jesus that day through Todd. I left forever changed. I will never forget that day. It is tattooed on my arm forever. Since then, my walk has been anything but easy, but the hard work has been WORTH it. The lord has blessed me with wonderful community and an amazing mentor and church family who love me through my messy times and celebrate me in the good times. Revive is where I encountered the Holy Spirit, where I discovered the beautiful intimacy with Jesus. I am forever thankful. So blessed. God is SO good.


Healed of plantar fasciitis 

Many of you have been agreeing with me in faith for MANY unanswered prayers…one of recent was I had plantar fasciitis, which caused me to not be able to dance in worship.  This was part of my intercession for loved ones. I was very troubled over this, sensing the enemy was robbing my intimate time before my Lord. Much led up to the last 3 days attending the intercession class with Craig. Last night I could not stop crying as he spoke of ONE man or woman standing before God, to cry out on behalf of those we love, our nation ect…thoughts flooded in of the zillions of hours before PaPa the past 28-30 years for my children, and seemingly they are so far away from him…my daughter has even turned away from me…I needed desperately to feel God’s love…this all was just a bit over the top. After class ladies prayed over me and held me close while I sobbed. I knew these were PaPa’s arms embracing me! A total peace and joy flooded my spirit…like a soft Spring rain. I went into service READY to hear from my Lord! Pastor Todd invited us to come up front if we wanted to go to the altar, or lay on the floor before God. I went to the altar. There is such meaning for me here. I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence so thick I could hardly breathe! Then a certain song started and God’s Spirit drew me in to a beautiful, unashamed, unshackled DANCE. I had no concern of who else was in the room! The Lover of my soul had invited ME to DANCE…the romance untamed!!The One I adore chose to Dance with ME! I felt like a school girl all giddy just waiting for that special crush to ask me to dance with him! I felt an EXPLOSION soar through my entire being! I did not want that dance to ever end!!! I felt on fire! I was even aware that I was interceding over everyone there! There was an amazing breakthrough happening! At the moment I did not know to what extent…but after worship I realized ALL THE PAIN IN MY FOOT WAS GONE!!! Glory to God!!! Then Holy Spirit reminded me that when I had went for prayer with Todd and Janna that Todd prayed God would give me the feet of a 30 year old so that I could DANCE WITHOUT PAIN! And Janna declared that my dancing releases breakthrough!!! GOD IS SO VERY FAITHFUL TO US!!! I will share more soon…because I do not want to leave out one single chance to GIVE GLORY TO MY FATHER AND SAVIOR!!!


Experiencing the Presence 

Over the past few years, along with many in our church, we have been learning how to pursue something different.  The happiness and activity that drove us years ago seems bland and pointless in light of what we are finding in God’s presence.  We are becoming less like Martha, where being around Jesus was a busy job that comes with some worry.  We are becoming more like Mary, where in His “presence there is fullness of joy.”  (Psalm 16:11).  Walking with the Father is not sacrificial, it’s powerful.  We have found healing and direction in sozo prayer, and we are learning in God’s presence who we are and identifying and conquering strongholds that limit us.  The joy is unwrapping and using the gifts God gives us, including our minds. It’s worship. It’s weird.

We have experienced the undeniable presence of the Holy Spirit. We feel the power of God flowing through the leadership of our church and building momentum through the congregation. Our own prayer and study times are no longer tasks, but are filling and transformational.  Our children are experiencing God in ways we never did.  They know when the Holy Spirit is present. They know His voice and have responded, whether it is to pray for or encourage someone specifically, or to seek prayer for something in their own lives, or to follow His definite leading in other ways.  We have witnessed miracles, and await what other challenges, joys, and freedoms are to be found as we continue to pursue His presence.

Revive Church Members

A Physical Touch of God 

I have had much prayer for some female issues over the year. I visited my doctor recently, and she sent me for an ultrasound on pelvic area. Diagnosis was: several large fibroids, thickening of uterus lining and a large pool of unknown liquid outside of uterus. I pressed in even further to PaPa… not agreeing with this diagnosis! My doctor then sent me for an abdominal pelvic C.T. scan. Results showed ONLY 2 SMALL FIBROIDS!!! This is where I want to GIVE GOD THE GLORY AND PRAISE! No necessary surgery. I now have to go to a gynecologist to further research the unknown liquid, cancelling out any cancer. So, I continue to BELIEVE GOD’S WORD AND PROMISE OF HEALING! TOTALLY MADE WHOLE!!!!

Testimony of Forgiveness 

Approximately 2.5 years ago I made a moral decision that could have destroyed my marriage.  When I awoke the next morning, I was physically and emotionally sick. I traveled home that day and concealed this event from my wife. However, I did confess my sin to the Lord and to a man that was staying with us at the time. I went to a SOZO session and believed I was freed from my false thinking. Over a period of time, I knew I needed to share this situation with another male believer walking close with the Lord. It was during a Sunday morning service that I went up to the Pastor and shared this situation. He prayed for me and I said we would talk further. The next Sunday, he asked me how I was doing and then proceeded to ask me how my wife was doing with this situation. I told the pastor that I had never disclosed this to my wife. He told me that in order for me to be truly free, I would need to disclose everything with my wife. My heart was pierced with conviction at his response. Based upon my conviction, I knew I needed to disclose the situation with my wife and knowing her, I knew she would divorce me and I would spend the rest of my life without her by my side. Regardless, I decided to move forward and have the pastor with me when I disclosed the event. My plan failed. On the Sunday morning before the schedule meeting, my wife asked me what was going on within me because the Holy Spirit told her something was going on in my life. Feeling totally trapped, I told her what happened in a stream of tears and remorse. I told her I was planning on going to the grave with this non-confessed sin because I did not want to hurt her. What I thought was going to happen was totally wrong. Instead of condemning me and telling me she wanted a divorce, she came over and hugged me and told me she felt so sorry for me holding onto this sin for such a long time. What a act of true LOVE. Forgiving the unforgivable!

Praise the Lord!

Healed of Fibromyalgia Pain 

I was a skeptical believer that Jesus was the ultimate Healer…until today!!! I was COMPLETELY HEALED of all fibromyalgia pain in the mist of a horrible fibromyalgia attack this morning. My whole body felt like it was on fire, feet swollen, and I could barely walk. I was not even going to church today, but told myself “no go anyways…I rebuke this pain and the enemy in the name of Jesus!”  All without ANY medication or pain killers, all pain was taken from me literally IN AN INSTANT! Glory be to God!!


Healed of acid reflux 

I have been suffering from acid reflex for many years but had lessened the impact by diet, a change in eating patterns, and even a change in the way I slept in my bed. I slept on my back only and slept with enough pillows to elevate my upper body to reduce any acid flow from my stomach into my esophagus. I couldn’t eat anything after 6:00pm for fear of a sleepless and very uncomfortable night. I even got real drastic and completely cut out coffee. I later came to the conclusion that a little suffering in life was necessary and added coffee on a reduced basis. One cup in the morning. Life was good again.

I am so thanking the Lord right now. Over the last few weeks while in bed every time that I roll over on my side and lay there comfortably with no discomfort I thank Jesus for his healing. Last night, after taking my wife out to dinner, and consuming a large popcorn and drink, I slept well with no acid reflex symptoms. I don’t recommend this kind of diet on a regular basis but come on! I was a young, fit, and iron gut kind of guy the last time I could do that kind of abuse to my body without repercussions. Repercussion without fail. Misery often until at least 3- 4:00am.

I think that God has brought healing into my life, for sure. But I also think he is moving me to a greater boldness. Jesus in me the hope of glory. He is making a difference in my life and through me, those around me.